Our restaurants

Small dining room
Here breakfast, lunch and a la carte is served. This room takes 90 guests and has a view of Silver Hill and the water land. The balcony outside the dining room is popular in the summer. You have a view of the terrace and the entertainment which is presented there during the summer. On the balcony a la carte is served.

Large dining room
Here we serve dinner for up to 550 people. The large dining room is used for large conference dinners and we present some of our popular shows here. We also celebrate Easter, Midsummer and Christmas in our large dining room.

The VIP restaurant

The smallest dining room takes 42 guests and is called The VIP restaurant. Under crystal chandeliers, on starched linen and with a fantastic view of the water land and the park, we serve mainly dishes from our a la carte. The VIP restaurant is popular for booking special family occassions, smaller business dinners and wedding dinners

The restaurant

In our restaurant we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also have a lobby bar that serves drinks and some food.

For the opening hours please contact us:
E-mail: info@ronnebybrunn.se
Phone: +46 457-75 000